Majistral Raw Materials

Majistral Raw Materials

Majistral Raw Materials

The effectiveness of Majistral Prescriptions (Hormone, Drug Active Ingredient, etc.) prepared specifically for individuals with a doctor's prescription is increased through controlled release technology using liposomal carrier systems. Bases are separated according to Majistral forms (Topical, Oral, etc.). Our pharmacists can easily prepare Majistral prescriptions using the prepared liposomal bases.

Our bases are as follows.

Liposface Lipos 21 S It is a solvent that our pharmacists will use to prepare individualized Majistral creams and can easily dissolve hormones.

Liposface Lipojelezom Base It is a base that can easily bring Majistral raw materials into cream form and increases their effectiveness.

Liposface Anti-aging Cream Base It is a cream base that increases the effectiveness of anti-aging creams.

Liposface Anesthetic Cream Base It is a cream base that increases the effectiveness of anesthetic creams.

Liposface Food Liposome Base It is a base that facilitates the coating and use of Majistral raw materials taken orally.

Liposface Liposomal Suppository Base Suppositories are pharmaceutical shapes that are cone-shaped, prepared with solid fats that melt at body temperature and applied to the rectum, vagina, or urethra at room temperature.

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